L202 students explore future paths


Emma Kinghorn

In L202, a dual credit literature class, students study the idea of a personal verse through Walt Whitman poetry and pieces of the The Dead Poet’s Society, but afterwards are tasked to create their own personal verse.

“Their assignment is to come up with a way to talk about what their verse will be moving forward,” said Mrs. Jackie Bach, English teacher, “It could be later this year, something in college, or a goal they have for their life.”

The student have no specific guidelines or requirements, but the presentations are usually inspirational, “There is no paper that goes with it, but these presentations always turn out amazing, ” explained Mrs. Bach.

For Jack Kellison, senior, the lack of guidelines was difficult. “I was confused by the prompt and didn’t know where to take my project,” he said, “I knew I wanted to be an actuarial scientist, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do within the field.” Kellison used his love of science to rebuild an equation, e=mc^2, as an equation for his life( E (essence of who someone is) = M (mankind) x C (connections)). “After my grandfather’s funeral, I realized that your connections to people are what you will leave behind,” said Kellison, “I want to make as many meaningful connections as I can so I will be remembered.”

Alice Joson, senior, also struggled with the lack of direction. “I wasn’t sure at first,” she said, “I was just picking things I thought looked good.” She put together pictures and videos that portrayed big moments in her life.”I decided to narrate it once through without editing it, so as I was talking I just kind of figured it out myself,” said Joson.

She said the video altered her plans for the future, “It helped me realize that I want to do more than just go into the medical field. I wanted to be practical for so long but I realized that I need a passion too.”

You can find her video here.