Juniors attend leadership conferences

Former Senator Richard Lugar greets students at last year's Symposium for Leadership.

Former Senator Richard Lugar greets students at last year’s Symposium for Leadership.

Sarah Meek

Two juniors, Dominic Desalvo and George Assalley were selected to attend West Point Leadership and Ethics Conference Nov. 19.

Desalvo said, “This was one of the best experiences in my life and would encourage people to go next year.”

Desalvo and other attendees were put into groups with a Cadet from an Indiana student that attends West Point. A main topic discussed was cheating because honesty is held at such a high standard at West Point. Later in the conference, leadership was the main focus.

Another leadership conference is the 42nd Annual Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders is Dec. 8. Juniors Maddi Felts, Sydney Sorensen and Matthew Williford have been selected to attend. They will be exposed to global issues to learn of the complexity of such issues.