Junior will travel to Portugal for rugby tournament


Anna Giudice

Starting Thursday, junior Jonas Petrakopoulos will be training and playing with the Dutch U-18 rugby team in a major European rugby tournament for the next three weeks.

Petrakopoulos first started playing rugby in seventh grade when he lived in Liverpool, England. However, his family moved back to the United States when he went into eighth grade, so he began playing rugby with some students planning on attending Chatard at Broad Ripple Park. After two years at Herron, he decided to transfer to Chatard. “As we (my parents and I) looked into it, we liked it more and more and eventually decided it was the best thing for me,” said Petrakopoulos.

Petrakopoulos was born in Amsterdam and moved to the United States when he was 3 years old. He became involved in the Dutch U-18 rugby team when his dad emailed the coach asking if Petrakopoulos could try out for the team. He has dual citizenship through his mom.

Petrakopoulos has had much success in playing rugby and finds that it has done a lot to help him with things other than sports. “It has motivated me to workout and do better in school, and during difficult times it has been a great way to release frustration,” he said. He also included that rugby has allowed him to make some of his closest friends. He hopes to continue to pursue his love of rugby in the future and aspires to be a professional level rugby player. cover photo courtesy of J. Petrakopoulos