Junior Anthony Cates Showcases His First Play


Claire Boon

On May 12, 2021 Junior Anthony Cates made his directorial debut with “The Moneybags Murder” at the New Play Showcase. Under normal circumstances, the Senior Directed One Acts and the New Play Festival would be happening but they were cancelled. 

“The Moneybags Murder” is a murder mystery play with a lot of twists and turns. The play stars Jack Dixon and Sarah Semon. “A highlight from the show would definitely be reading the script for the first time,” said Semon. “We all knew we got casted into a murder mystery but none of us knew what it was about. Anthony passed out the scripts and we read through the play for the first time. We laughed at all the gags and we were all shocked by the ending.”

The play was based on a story that Cates wrote Freshman year. “I’ve read a bunch of detective mystery stories, mostly by Agatha Christie, ” said Cates. “Throughout the story there are a few references and a lot of the same tropes you might find in those stories, which I put my own spin on to add some originality and more humor to the familiar genre.”