Improv Comedy Team plays in new Spin-prov show


The Balding Eagles took this picture to promote their Valentine’s Day show.

G. Cates, Reporter

The BCHS Improv Comedy Team, previously also known as ComedySportz, has a new name and a new format for performances this year. The group’s new name is the Balding Eagles and they now perform in Spin-prov Comedy shows.

While there are differences from years past, the team still maintains most of their activities. Mr. Mayer, team moderator and BCHS executive vice president, explains that “the BCHS improv comedy team does basically four things: we host an improv summer camp for fourth-eighth graders, we perform our unscripted Christmas show, we host our own improv performances, and we play against other schools in ComedySportz matches. Everything is still the same except we do Spin-prov now, not ComedySportz.”

The official logo for the BCHS Balding Eagles Improv Comedy Team.

Since the team is not ComedySportz anymore, they needed a new name. The group is now dubbed the Balding Eagles, which is a reference to Mr. Mayer, who is balding. 

The name for the new performance format is Spin-prov because improvisational games will be written on a game show wheel and teams will spin it to decide what they perform for the audience. 

Mr. Mayer says that Spin-prov, on the surface level, is different from ComedySportz in that “the setup is different. Instead of a competitive athletic event, it’s a game show where contestants try to get the most points from the most laughs. It’s similar, but has a different feel to it.” 

In a Spin-prov match, two teams wager their points, starting with 10,000 points and whichever team makes the audience laugh more wins the bet. Mr. Mayer commented, “it won’t seem as competitive because the points are so outlandish.” 

The official logo for Spin-prov Comedy. The format for the show resembles a game show.

The teams the Balding Eagles will play against will be from different Indianapolis-area Catholic schools. These schools are Cardinal Ritter, Cathedral, Guerin Catholic, and Roncalli. 

Balding Eagle member and junior Mason Fellwock is excited about try the new Spin-prov format. “This new format will allow us to play without as many rules and restrictions. We are able to play in a more flexible way. I am most excited about the new action cards like ‘Gravitus Maximus’. It should add a lot of hilarity to the already really fun scenes,” said Fellwock. 

“Gravitus Maximus” is one of many assist cards that a team can use on their opponent. For example if Cathedral played the “Gravitus Maximus” card on BCHS, the Balding Eagles, in whatever game they are playing, must increase the gravity in the room and slowly fall to the ground. 

Audiences will watch this new format in action for the first time on Friday, March 6th at 7:00pm in the Kyle Guyton theatre. The Balding Eagles will compete against Guerin Catholic. 

Senior and Balding Eagles co-captain Molly Lockrem said, “I’m looking forward to the new format and trying new things. The three Balding Eagles shows we have already done have been so fun to do and are a great opportunity for our team to grow. But, also I’m looking forward to playing against other schools through Spin-prov.”