Improv comedy returns with two shows this Friday

Corbin Hubert, Trojan Matters Editor

Looking for a fun and safe event this Friday? Try the new Improv Comedy Show put on by the BCHS Improv Team. 

The Improv Team is returning to live shows this Friday with a show at 6 p.m. for families and one at 8:30 p.m. for students. 

All tickets should be ordered online and are two dollars per ticket. Reservations close at 3 p.m. on March 12, the day of the show, if they are not already sold out. There will be no admission without prior registration. Email Mr. Cockrum for any questions or more information.

Typically the Improv Team starts in October with workshops and practices, leading to tryouts. Practices start shortly after the tryouts, with matches and shows starting in January and ending in April. However in a pandemic-ridden school year, practices did not start until January with a JV team being added instead of tryouts being held.

“We have a JV and Varsity so we split the show into two,” said senior Anna Siler. “There’s also a halftime or intermission or whatever you want to call it, but JV does two games then Varsity does two or three, followed by another intermission, then JV does one and varsity finishes with two,” said Siler.

There is more to the Improv Team than just being funny. There are rules that have to be followed like agreeing to your partner in a scene or having to add onto scenes. The goal of inter-school matches is to make the audience laugh since they determine the winner. Ultimately students enjoy it through the teamwork required and the fun that is had.

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