How will Trojans tackle Spring Break during COVID-19 pandemic

Audrey Donaldson, Reporter

For many BCHS students, spring break is an exciting time to take a break from school work and have a week of total relaxation. Some students get to leave Indiana for spring break and some opt to stay in Indy, although the festivities will be different this year due to COVID-19. 

A very popular travel destination for BCHS students is Florida. Many students are going to different cities in Florida this year such as Destin, Sanibel, St. Petersburg, Marco Island, and Key West. Sophomore Emmy Fox said, “My family always goes to Florida for spring break, and I always enjoy it. It’s fun to just get away from school for a week and hangout on the beach, since Indianapolis does not have any beaches.” 

Many students and staff migrate to warmer climates for spring break to feel a part of summer before finishing off the school year. A few more popular spring break destinations are North and South Carolina. Sophomore Sofia Papalia said, “This is my first time visiting South Carolina so I’m excited for the warm weather, the break away from school, and to visit a new place I have not been yet.” Papalia and her twin sister, Lucia are visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this break. 

A majority of the BCHS community are doing a stay-cation this year due to Covid. Indiana is a great place to stay in during spring break due to the warm weather and the calm environment. Although Indiana does not have beaches, it has many creeks and lakes you can visit if you are feeling adventurous during break. If you are staying in Indy for break and want to get some fresh air, you could also go hiking or go for a walk in one of the many parks Indiana has to offer.