How to support local businesses during the pandemic


Audrey Donaldson, Reporter

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many local businesses are temporarily closing due to a decrease in customers. Many families and students in the school community have been affected by the pandemic.

Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to support local businesses. Mrs. Heidi Posgai, co-owner of Al’s pub and pizza and a BCHS mother says, “Business has changed a lot. When restaurants first opened up it was very busy, but it’s leveling off to a more normal pace now.”

There are many different ways you can help support local businesses during these hard times. One way is to order from local restaurants. Many restaurants are offering non-contact pickup or delivery for customers who are not comfortable dining in the restaurant. In Indiana, restaurants are only allowed to operate at 75% capacity, and all seating areas have to be set six feet apart. Masks also have to be worn and you are encouraged to not enter the business if you are feeling sick. Another way to support local businesses is to share them on social media. Whether it’s putting a review on their website or posting a picture of them to instagram, advertising can really help small businesses during this time.

Help businesses that are still open by donating hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies, since many businesses are taking extra measures to insure the safety of their customers. Mrs. Posgai said, “We have hand sanitizer on the bar and encourage masks to be worn inside. We even ordered more masks for our customers.” The biggest way to help is by wearing a mask and proper social distancing, so that local businesses can get back to normal.

The pandemic will continue unless necessary precautions are taken to help local businesses thrive again.