How should you know what college is the perfect fit for you

Claire Boon, News Editor

When people think about the college they will be attending, it may rely on many things like your cultural background, major, financial security, and much more. It is a choice that can impact the direction of their life. 

Two important questions people should ask themselves during the college admission process are, “What do I want out of college?” and “Why am I going to college?” A way of figuring out what to get from college can be looking at interests, values, and passions. The best way of doing this is through experiencing high school activities. If people want to try something new, high school is a good place to figure out if that is a good fit.

When asked if the activity that interests you can help your chances on getting into your dream college Mrs. Pam Nixon, college counselor, said, “There aren’t any that stand out more than the others but, it just matters to find ones that you are genuinely interested in.” What colleges are looking for is a leadership role. If the answer to “Why am I going to college?” is because of your family or friends then the suggested advice would be to think about your aspirations rather than anyone else’s because at the end of the day it is your life and you need to be in control of it. 

Going to a private college versus going to a public college can be very different experiences. Public colleges are funded by the government and private colleges are funded by tuition fees and alumni. This means that it is far more expensive to go to a private college rather than a public college. If you are looking for a larger college with a great number of students then you may want to consider going to a public college. 

Getting a college to notice you can be stressful because it seems difficult to stand out though a sea of teenagers trying to do the same thing. Good advice to stand out is to do activities that you genuinely enjoy doing. When asked about what activities you can do to get a certain college to notice you, Mrs. Nixon replied, “It doesn’t matter how many activities you are in or how busy your schedule is, colleges are looking for someone who has experience in a leadership role.” Based on advice from Mrs. Nixon is to stay in touch with the admissions counselors. “If you have a strong interest in a particular school, it is good to stay in touch with them. Email your admission counselor there, attend their virtual events or in-person visits, and open emails that they send,” said Mrs. Nixon It is good for them to see you as a familiar face who knows their way around the campus. 

“I see similarities between choosing a college and choosing a prom date; in both cases, it’s helpful to know there is mutual interest. If deciding between two similar candidates for the same spot, colleges would be more inclined to go with the one who is more likely to end up matriculating to their school,” said Mrs. Nixon. When choosing a college it is good to know what you are looking for before you just start going on college visits. Choosing a college has a lot to do with the atmosphere and people that attend it. Looking at a college requires a lot of insight into all the places you’re looking at before you just decide right away. Look at the whole atmosphere and check out all of your options.