Here is what to expect during Catholic Schools Week

Audrey Donaldson, Reporter

This week is Catholic Schools Week; a week celebrated by Catholic schools all around the world. The week is normally full of dress down days and fun activities for students and teachers. This year Catholic Schools Week takes place from February 1st through February 6th. 

Although this week will be fun it is a little different from years before. Kennedy Gaynor, a sophomore student council representative said, “All the BCHS students always look forward to Catholic schools week and the student council always works hard to make sure it happens smoothly. Due to the hybrid schedule we had to repeat activities and dress up days so that both sides of the schedule can experience the fun of the week!”

The themes for this year include Pajama Day, Way-back Wednesday, Catholic School Dress, and Flashback Friday. The first day, pajama day, is when you can wear your favorite pajamas to school. The second day, Way-back Wednesday, is when you can wear your favorite outfits from different decades. The third day, Catholic school dress, is when you wear your favorite Catholic elementary, BCHS, or Catholic College clothes. The last day, Flashback Friday, is also a decade dress day.

The main activity on Monday is a “Trojan tournament” where students from each grade compete against each other and other teachers in various challenges and games. Tuesday is the Caffeination station and another Trojan tournament. Wednesday’s activities will be another caffeination station for the other half of the school and adoration in religion classes. Mass and a Trinity club treat will occur on Thursday and on Friday the BCHS community will pray the rosary together with another Trinity club treat.