Here are TV and movie recommendations for early 2021

Claire Cady, Reporter

Everyone loves watching TV or Netflix, and especially with COVID-19 still hitting the world, a typical Saturday night may contain staying in and binging shows with family. An obvious set back is the pandemic not allowing new movies and shows to be filmed. But with everything lightening up, several new movies and shows have been able to continue production and will be finished within the next year. 

One show that has aired on television and Netflix for a total of 15 years, “The Office”, has recently been taken off Netflix. It can now be watched on Peacock, along with a new movie that is coming out on Peacock, “Bel-Air”. It is a new and dramatic take on the 1990’s show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, that highlights the emotions and hardships of what it is like to be a Black man in America today. Another good show on Peacock that is coming out is “Girls5eva”. This comedy describes the story of a former one-hit-wonder group that is taking another shot at fame. Some of the actors include Grammy and Tony winners Sara Bareilles and Hamiton’s Renee Elise Goldsberry. 

There’s nothing better than when memorable shows get turned into a movie, which is happening with the popular series “Spongebob Squarepants”. In this exciting adventure, Spongebob and Patrick go on a rescue mission to save Spongebob’s pet snail, Gary, from Posiedon, and end up finding themselves in an unknown land called Atlantic City. It is scheduled to be released in sometime next month. 

Disney’s story of a house-maid-turned-princess has been loved for years, and many remakes have been made since the original. Yet another version of “Cinderella” is coming February, featuring vocal legend Idina Menzel and beloved singer Camila Cabello. Make sure to check out a new twist of this classic story come to life. 

“A Quiet Place” left watchers on the edge of their seats, unable to look away with its undoubtedly thrilling scenes. “A Quiet Place: Part II” is slated for an April release, following up with the Abbott family after the events of the previous film. Like the first, serious tension is displayed throughout, and audiences are in for another exciting ride. 

All of this and more will be releasing to audiences throughout the first few months of 2021!