Guidance office introduces kindness movement

Claire Williams

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Beginning this week, the school counselors and Campus Ministry are launching a new movement called #trojanshaveheart. This initiative will work to spread kindness and positively influence the BCHS environment in an effort to draw in any students and families that feel excluded or uncomfortable.

The program is designed to recognize daily acts of kindness that occur all around: holding a door, picking up trash in the hall, including someone in their group or at their lunch table, helping a friend on crutches, and more.  The movement leaders ask that if a student sees others perform a good deed, submit a summary of the deed through this Google form. If names are known, they should be included. At the end of the week, the good deeds will be announced, and the names submitted will be entered into a drawing for a free BCHS cookie.

School counselor Mrs. Monica Helfrich is eager to introduce the program to the school. “My hope is that #trojanshaveheart keeps kindness forefront in students’ mind, that they are always looking for ways to be kind.”

To submit one for an act of kindness use: this google form.