Freshman Orientation is an exciting event once again


Photo by Charley Szydlyk

Addison Miller

Last year, the class of 2024 students were unable to have a freshman orientation in the same way that classes had in the past. Finally this year, the class of 2025 students were able to experience orientation. 

Bishop Chatard seniors, juniors, and sophomores lined the Crittenden sidewalk, wrapping around the school and into the parking lot. Starting at 7:00, parents began to drive down the street with students cheering and jumping up and down with handmade signs. 

Students were greeted by Bishop Chatard Principal Joe Hansen and President Bill Sahm, who opened their car doors and directed them towards Door 10. They were then greeted by the cheerleaders and headed towards the main gym. 

Vice principal, Mr. Ben Reilly spoke to the freshman to inform them of what to expect in this upcoming year and to motivate them to work hard and perform well throughout the entire school year. Another speech was given by senior Mary Bea Sowinski.

“I was really excited to talk to the freshman at orientation because I remember how cool it was to hear from Michael Mates (stuco president) my freshman year. I loved getting to welcome them and encourage them to make the most of their high school years, because they go by so fast,” said Sowinski.

The freshman had the opportunity to meet all of their teachers and walk through their classes. This gave them an idea of what their schedules would look like and gave them the chance to see where all their classes are. 

All of this preparation and walkthrough allows for a less stressful first day of school. Starting high school is a big deal and can be very overwhelming. Chatard does an amazing job at making it as fun as possible while also being sure everyone is comfortable and ready.