Festive Friday brings joy and fun to many


Mary Barnes

Today, Friday, Dec. 4, is a busy day for the BCHS community. Tonight three different activities are being held here at Chatard to bring the Christmas spirit to the students and community alike. These activities include the annual ResCare party from 10:30-12pm, Christmas on Crittenden from 5:30-8:20pm, and the Holla dance from 8:30-10:30pm.

The first event of the day is ResCare which has  been an annual BCHS tradition for ten years. Mrs Elaine Carson’s, one of the head organizers of ResCare, daughter worked for ResCare at one time, and became aware that the mentally handicapped adults who live alone or in group homes, spend their Christmas nights alone, so in order to bring Christmas to them she created this party. The guests are asked to provide a wish lists of two gifts a few weeks before Christmas, then BCHS students and families select  a gift and bring them to school. The night of the party Mr Tyler Mayer, BCHS’ Santa Claus for the event, brings the gifts to the guests. Mrs. Robin Kontor, director of student life, said,” The looks on the faces of our guests when they hug Santa, is the reason we have this party every year.” This Christmas joy spreads on into the next tradition, Christmas on Crittenden.

Christmas on Crittenden is an event started as a way to serve the BCHS  Alumni with young families, so that they would be able to come back and experience the school in a new way with their children while still getting in the holiday spirit. Mrs. Monica Helfrich, the head of Christmas on Crittenden, expressed her opinion on the event and  said, ” It’s a fun opportunity for them to come back to their Alma Mater and make some new memories with their children.” A range of 200-300 children attend this event every year and participate in games, crafts, cookie decorating, an inflatable obstacle course  and even a visit from Santa. This year there will be live reindeer and  a trackless train running around the track taking kids on rides. These activities are just the beginning of the night, after the children all leave the student dance is next.

The evening ends with the Holladance. Students are able to come, dressed up in ugly sweaters or other holiday themed costumes and dance the night away. Mr. Hilton, one of the heads of student council, discusses how in the past three years at BCHS there has been a change in the school spirit which has a lot to do with the different dances such as this one organized by teachers and students alike. Hilton expanded and said, “This particular dance in the past three years has had such great attendance that it has become a BCHS annual held dance.” Along with the costume contest, judged by crowd applause and voters, Toys for Tots has been added with the chance to win a $50 gift card. The students agree that this dance is a  way to have fun and relax before the stress of finals come in. Junior Ellie Semler expressed her thoughts on the dance, and said,” It’s awesome to just get in the holiday spirit and be stress free.”

Join BCHS students and community and come to these three events  to help celebrate the Christmas season.