Fall play is underway and under new leadership


G. Cates, Reporter

Many changes are coming to the BCHS theatre department as the ball gets rolling on the fall production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) with auditions after school Tuesday, August 20. 

Leading these changes is new theatre director Ms. Holly Stults. She has a passion for theatre and has been involved in the performing arts her entire life. In addition to working at BCHS for the first time this year, Ms. Stults is the Education Programs Director at Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre in Carmel. 

In order for her to balance both jobs, play rehearsals will be hosted in the evenings rather than after school. This change will benefit students who wish to participate in both theatre and a fall sport. Hopefully evening rehearsals will attract new faces to the cast. 

Ms. Stults is also bringing changes to the audition process. In years pasts, students auditioning would prepare a memorized monologue about a minute in length. But this year, thespians are asked to do three things in order to be considered for a role: tell a joke, share a favorite childhood memory, and do an imitation of a family member in a specific situation. Ms. Stults also said she will request those auditioning to do a cold or never seen before, reading of the script. 

“The nature of the show requires us to mix and match and look for certain traits that would normally not come out in a traditional audition,” shared Mr. Troy Cockrum. He’s a new English and theatre teacher at BCHS and will be helping with crew for the production.

Auditions for this show are nice because it takes the pressure away. I don’t need to worry about memorizing and reciting Shakespeare.”

— Senior Sophia Duray

Senior Sophia Duray is looking forward to auditioning Tuesday. “Auditions for this show are nice because it takes the pressure away. I don’t need to worry about memorizing and reciting Shakespeare,” she explained.

Since Ms. Stults barely knows the students at BCHS, she doesn’t have anyone in mind for a role. This gives an equal playing field to all that audition. Ms. Stults did clarify that upperclassmen will have some priority, but talent will be the ultimate deciding factor. Additionally, she said that the best auditions will be from the actors that are most genuine. 

Audition sign ups are outside the Kyle Guyton Theatre (Room 102) and all who sign up must pick up an audition form from Mr. Cockrum. For those who would rather man the spotlight than stand under it, stay tuned for crew callouts coming soon. Save the date for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) running from October 24th through the 26th.

For questions about the theatre department, Ms. Stults can be contacted at [email protected]. Mr. Cockrum can be contacted at [email protected] or visit him in Room 102. Crew coordinator Mr. Joe LeMark can be contacted at [email protected].