Fall brings new changes to BCHS campus and athletics


A. Dessaeur

A. Sullivan

As fall approaches, BCHS has big plans to modify the campus and support the athletics program.

The demolition process has started on the houses where the new parking lot will be constructed, and in the coming weeks, the area will be leveled and gravel will be put down. Gravel will only be used temporarily due to the decreasing temperatures outside. When the weather gets warmer, presumably the spring of 2020, pavement will be laid and the lot will be lined and numbered similar to the existing lot.

Senior Henry Stein is excited for the new parking lot. “This will make going to future home games easier since we can park closer,” Stein said.

Transportation is a vital part of the sports program at any high school. BCHS has acquired three new mini buses, which will bring our total minibus count to eight from a previous total of seven. Two existing mini buses will also be retired from the fleet, which the three newer model buses will be replacing. 

Director of athletics Mr. Mike Ford is excited to be able to provide new buses. “These new buses should be more comfortable and have some more leg room, and it should make the players pretty happy,” Mr. Ford said.

Without a place to stand, BCHS fans would not be able to cheer on their favorite athletic teams. Currently, there are temporary bleachers placed along the edge of the field that is parallel to the parking lot. By the spring of 2020, BCHS plans to have permanent bleachers constructed in this area, along with a press box and broadcasting area. The additional parking room and bleachers are exactly what BCHS needs to improve hosting home games and events.

Earlier this year, all classes held in the SBC were ordered to relocate into the main building as a safety precaution for students. Now, there are four empty classrooms not being utilized for any academic purposes. BCHS plans to repurpose this space by clearing out the entire second floor of the SBC and converting it into a wrestling room. This will help to free up gym time for more teams to practice during the times the wrestling team would have been there. 

Class of 2019 graduate Ryan Seymour wrestled all four years at BCHS, and is excited to hear of a wrestling room coming to the campus. “It’s an important space to have for players.  I think it will be a great thing for the team,” said Seymour.