Engineering class creates water bottle rockets


Marissa Almack

The engineering class, new to Chatard this year, has been creating bottle rockets. They will be launching them tomorrow.

The students were given a 2 liter bottle, duct tape, and foam boards. They had to formulate a functional bottle rocket out of these materials. The experiment is done by filling the bottle with water and putting it on a contraption that puts pressurized air into the bottle. When a string is pulled the rocket is launched. The goal is to create a rocket that can go high and is durable enough to be launched multiple times without damage.

The experiment is being done to learn about different aspects of engineering. It’s also teaching them how to research and how to then apply research.
“This experiment has taught us how to take different ideas to come up with one solid plan,” said Victoria Toetz, senior. photo courtesy of Zoe Schrader, the Citadel