Electing Representatives

Mike Braun won the Indiana Senate seat that was up for election in the midterm elections. He will be working with his fellow Hoosier Senator Todd Young.

Mike Braun won the Indiana Senate seat that was up for election in the midterm elections. He will be working with his fellow Hoosier Senator Todd Young.

Michael Mates, Sports Editor

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After many months of political ads and campaigning, candidates who were running in the midterm elections had their fates decided Nov. 6 at the conclusion of a nerve-racking twelve hours.

Some may view the midterm election as off year elections or unimportant, like senior Noah Mazzei. “The midterm election wasn’t surprising and I didn’t really follow it because the media didn’t cover it as much as the presidential election.” However, the candidates elected on Tuesday will be making laws that will directly impact everyone here at BCHS.

Many people that did follow the elections witnessed that Indiana was a crucial state for the United States Senate race. The midterm election votes determined which political party maintained or took control of the Senate. Incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly battled Republican Mike Braun and Libertarian Lucy Brenton for the senate seat. As of now, 5,093 of 5,375 precincts have reported their results amounting in approximately 2.1 million votes from around the state of Indiana. In a poll taken by 223 BCHS students, Mike Braun was favored collecting 46.2% of the votes, while Joe Donnelly collected 44.4% of the votes. Libertarian Lucy Brenton, got 9.4% of the votes at BCHS. These numbers were very comparable to the actual Senate results. Braun won the race with a slight edge, claiming 51.8% of the votes, while Donnelly received 44.3% of the votes. Breton lagged behind with only 3.9% of the votes. In Braun’s acceptance speech, he said,“I want to thank all Hoosiers for giving me a resounding victory — putting your faith in me. I will not let you down. I promise.”

Shockingly, 61.9% of BCHS students said that they would vote the same way as their parents would vote. While the Senate race was very important, it was not the only one on the ballot.

In the House of Representative elections, all seven incumbents that ran again, won their respective district. Peter Visclosky of District 1, Jackie Walorski of District 2, Jim Banks of District 3, Susan Brooks of District 5, Andre Carson of District 7, Larry Bucshon of District 8, and Trey Hollingsworth of District 9 were all the incumbents that won their districts again. Republicans Jim Baird of District 3 and Greg Pence of District 6 both won their districts. In the end, the Democrats retained two districts and the Republicans retained 7 districts.

Representative Andre Carson of District 7 won his race and has been in office since 2008.

There were many more races that took place on Tuesday, and you can check them out here https://www.politico.com/election-results/2018/. Nationally, the Republicans retained control of the Senate with 97 of 100 seats declared. Republicans hold 51 seats, while the Democrats hold 44. Although the “blue wave” did not take over the Senate as predicted, it did take the House of Representatives from the Republicans. The Democrats hold 225 of the 422 seats declared for the House. The Republicans only hold 197 seats of the 435 total seats.

With the division of the House and the Senate, President Trump will have a difficult time passing legislation, but one thing is for sure, all eyes will be on President Trump to see how he will react and move forward.