eLearning Day approved for Easter Monday


Emma Kennedy

After much consideration, the administration has decided to have an eLearning Day Easter Monday, April 2 in place of a normal school day to make up for the Jan. 24 snow day.

Because BCHS lost an instructional day, the Indiana Department of Education requires all schools to make up the day. While some schools add an extra day at the end of the year, the administration wanted to have the day earlier. Vice Principal of Academics Mrs. Ann Taylor said, “It allows us to continue the natural flow of learning that is happening in the classrooms.” While originally scheduled as a vacation day, the eLearning Day April 2 will count as a make up day, but students will not be physically at BCHS.

In order to do this, BCHS needed the IDOE to approve performing an eLearning Day. The application process and approval took about two weeks to complete.

Because the school has already had a test-run of what an eLearning day would be like (Feb. 19), Mrs. Taylor believes that students, teachers and administration is ready for this next step. She said, “We are beautifully positioned for this here.” She believes that all the tools are in place to have a successful day. Excellent feedback came from students on the test-run. The administration has also researched other schools’ eLearning days and devised what would work best for all involved.

For this day, both students and teachers have responsibilities. For teachers, the expectations include having course content uploaded to Canvas by 9 a.m. Mrs. Taylor emphasized that teachers will have instruction/learning rather than assignments or tasks to do, and ‘office hours’ from 9 am to 2pm.  Office hours mean teachers will check their computers for Canvas discussions or emails. For students, the expectations include checking Canvas after 9 a.m., filling out attendance forms for each class and completing the coursework by the time the teacher specifies.

Administration and faculty will provide more details as the day nears, but, for now, students need to be aware that April 2 is an eLearning day. Once that day is made up, students will have no more make up days.