CYO sports offer competitive fun


Emma Kennedy

Other than the many varsity sports that BCHS offers, there are alternative sports that high school students can play. One of the most popular activities among students is CYO basketball.

Many students at BCHS have been playing the sport as a way to have fun, without it being taken too seriously.

Junior Jack Roberts coaches the freshman CYO basketball team. His brother, freshman Joe Roberts, plays for that St. Michaels team.

Junior Kate Bosley has been playing CYO basketball for St. Simon for two years. Bosley plays for other reasons in addition to the fact that it has a fun nature.  She said, “You get to hang out with people that don’t go to your school.” Many students are able to reconnect with old friends that went to grade school together.

Mens CYO basketball has also been a hit at BCHS. Senior Michael Zoeller has been playing since freshman year for Christ the King. He said, “It’s a great environment with great people.”

Zoeller agrees with Bosley that CYO basketball is a great activity because it can be both lighthearted and competitive. “There’s times when it’s taken seriously and there’s times when it’s not,” said Zoeller.

Overall, CYO sports are a great way to reconnect with friends and play a fun game of basketball. Zoeller said, “It gives me an opportunity to play to the best of my ability with my peers.”