Computer science shapes the future

Computer science shapes the future

Patrick Felts

In the modern world, careers in computer science and development, specifically coding, are becoming much more relevant and lucrative with applications across various fields.

Coding and computer skills are omnipresent and universally helpful to many professions today. AP Computer Science teacher Mrs. Marie Smith said that “it’s hard to find a profession these days that does not use computers or data analysis to make decisions.  Business, medicine, public policy, sports and of course engineering.” She said that it took her students about three weeks to become familiar with the basics of coding in the first semester through the curriculum and JavaScript.

Students have had unique ways of practicing their coding skills. One of the ways they have learned to code is by making digital scenes. Most recently, students made winter themed scenes. These scenes have taught students the basics of using programs like JavaScript. 

Students of the course are also aware of the benefits of learning to code. Sophomore AJ Morrow said, “It’s growing, and people are using these skills more and more.” Morrow added that regardless of the field he enters one day, computer skills will “still have an application.”

Smith agreed with this, because “Knowing how to program allow you to be an effective contributor to any organization and take complete advantage of the power that technology holds.”