ComedySportz requirements explained


At their most recent practice, ComedySportz member Junior Molly Lockrem warms up by portraying a character that her fellow teammates have given a name, adjective and occupation for. The team practices every Friday after school.

Carmen Sullivan

As students approach the end of the first quarter, clubs get busy, too. The ComedySportz team has started preparing for matches for more than two weeks now. Practices consist of warm ups, different exercises highlighting important roles to comedy, improving scenes and playing specific games that will be played at matches. The team also goes to multiple workshops at the downtown ComedySportz theatre where they are able to learn from other members of the league and play in parts of matches.

More is required to be apart of the ComedySportz team then comes to the eye. “We are looking for rule followers; not just people who are considered funny,” said ComedySportz head coach Mr. Tyler Mayer when speaking to the students at tryouts. Members try to follow they basic “Tina Fey rules of improv” which consists of agreeing to your partner in a scene and also adding onto a scene.

The high school league matches of ComedySportz are for everyone and therefore must be age appropriate for everyone. If a player says an inappropriate line during one of the games, the referee may penalize them with a brown bag foul causing them to wear a brown bag over their head for the remainder of the scene. Similarly if anyone of the players says a pun during the match that is so bad it causes the audience to groan, this may result in a loss of points for the team unless the player declares a heartfelt apology to the audience.

Energy is also a key part to playing ComedySportz believes Junior member Liam Wojciechowski. “Once you get on stage, you need to bring all the energy you have because that is what makes the audience laugh,” said Wojciechowski. The goal of the matches is to make the audience laugh since they determine the winner based on reactions, enthusiasm and applause.

The first ComedySportz match is scheduled during the BCHS open house Oct. 30 and competitions continue into the second semester. The team loves matches and really enjoy the laughs they get to share on stage. “The people on the squad are some of the best people Chatard has to offer. We might be a hodgepodge of personalities, but we all respect each other and value each other as teammates and, in a way, as family,” said Wojciechowski.