College meetings help students discover future options


Emma Kennedy

As the school year rolls into fall, upperclassmen take advantage of more opportunities to learn about different colleges and universities. BCHS is a part of a program called Rep Visits, which allows colleges to schedule meetings at a high school if they believe that the school has students that would be a good fit for the college. Numerous sessions will be held until the end of October.

Senior Maggie Peck fills out her information on a form at the Marian University meeting. These forms allow the student to have more information about the school sent to them.

College counselor Mrs. Pam Nixon recommends these sessions because it allows students to demonstrate interest in a college or university. If a student shows this interest, it can help the chances of admission or scholarship. At the bottom of the representative policy it says, “These meetings help to make you aware of deadlines, special scholarships, and important information regarding your applications to your top choice schools.”

This year, there are over 70 college representatives that are planning to come and give a short information session on the college’s academics and student life. Senior Kylie Donaldson has already attended the Notre Dame session on September 6th. “It was a relaxed setting and it was easy to talk to [the representative].”

In addition, senior Leah Engler has been to the Notre Dame and University of Cincinnati meeting. She also thought the meetings were very helpful and informative. She said, “They give you more information and an opportunity to ask specific questions about the school.”