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College applications become a reality for the Class of 2018

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The Class of 2018 officially become seniors as of May 27. Among many new responsibilities they will take on, filling out college applications become an overwhelming process for many. According Mrs. Pam Nixon, college advisor, there are seven steps juniors should take in preparing for applying for college.

1 Sending SAT and ACT scores: Mrs. Nixon said that students should send their scores directly from the service and not the school. “We have students without incomplete applications because they don’t do this step,” she said. Before testing, students can send their scores to four schools for free, but afterward, this costs money.

2 Request transcripts: Transcripts must be sent to every college that students apply to, and students can get these from the guidance office. These are easy to maintain if the student just asks in the guidance office.

3 Visit all types of schools: Mrs. Nixon recommends visiting small, medium and large schools and determine which size is best. She said, “Some students only visit one size school and realize they want something else too late.” It’s a good idea to see several different things.

4 Create a detailed resume: A student’s resume must include what they are involved in inside and outside of school. Mrs. Nixon said that there is no specific format, and that it does not have to be overwhelming. Students should focus on the activities they are passionate about and spend most of their time on.

5 Never miss deadlines: “Just don’t miss [deadlines],” said Mrs. Nixon. Once the deadline is missed, it is hard to go back, and Mrs. Nixon recommends just making the deadlines the first time around.

6 Start early: All college applications go live on Aug. 1. “There’s time to start and finish before we even start classes,” said Mrs. Nixon. Students can begin their applications early and minimize stress by eliminating their worries during their senior year.

7 Check all emails: Colleges will send updates on many things, like scholarships, visit days and if a student has even finished their application and submitted it, but this can easily be missed if students do not check their emails, which Mrs. Nixon said is a key step to make sure isn’t overlooked.

As things wrap up for the school year, Mrs. Nixon recommends that it’s a good idea to begin looking ahead toward college for the Class of 2018. It can be overwhelming, but taking it one step at a time can ease the stress.