Japan going carbon neutral can lead to better opportunities for environmental change

Japan going carbon neutral can lead to better opportunities for environmental change


Claire Boon, News Editor

The prime minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga declared that Japan is going carbon neutral by 2050. The greenhouse gas will go down by 80% by 2050. Due to the over pollution of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So how would this affect the rest of the world? 

Global warming is the long term heating of the earth’s climate. Japan has already felt the effects. There have been deadly heat waves and deadly typhoons. A transformation of the energy system will be necessary to achieve this goal by 2050. Japan is dependent on fossil fuels so the plan is to use coal power plants. Coal is better than using fossil fuels because it provides many jobs and it is cheap. They have also started to use more wind energy. Wind is a renewable energy source. That means that there is an endless supply and this can create jobs. So what does this mean for America? 

Two thirds of the US thinks that the government should do more about climate change. So what can we do? American communities are already seeing the effects of climate change. Rising seas, increased droughts, more intense heat waves and wildfires, and stronger storms are the problems that are going on in America right now and will continue to affect the nation if we are too stuck in the old way to do something about it. The year 2020 is due to be the hottest year in history because of the carbon emissions being released with the use of fossil fuels.

There are always little things that we can do to make our planet greener. We can strike up a conversation about climate change. This issue requires more than one person to care. Most people trust friends and family more than the experts. This can make your peers look at climate change at a different angle. To make the US a safer and better place to live we need to be open minded and look at other countries like Japan to be a model for ways we can change.