Can 2021 really be better than 2020?

Corbin Hubert, Trojan Matters Editor

Most people consider 2020 as the worst year they have ever lived. With a pandemic rampaging through the nation, it’s hard to argue. From March to December, memes were made ridiculing the year for every horrible thing to happen due to COVID-19, like the cancellation of March Madness and other sporting events.

A little over three weeks ago, the calendar turned from December to January, bringing in a new year, 2021. People rejoiced hoping to move on from what was a disappointing 2020. 

But can 2021 really be an improvement from 2020?

Sure, two vaccines for COVID-19 were created towards the end of last year, with distribution beginning in early December. President Donald Trump planned to have twenty million Americans vaccinated by the end of 2020, however, as of writing, only fifteen million have received the vaccine in the United States.

According to, President Joe Biden inherits one of the worst possible situations a president has ever had to deal with. Ten million people are out of work because of budget cuts and federal debt is at its highest since the 1940s, expected to go up even more via a Biden relief package that costs 1.9 trillion dollars.

The travel industry is experiencing setbacks it may never fully recover from. Movies not being released in theaters or being delayed altogether. Restaurants are suffering from little to no customers coming in to eat.

School still does not look the same after experts originally predicted the pandemic to be largely irrelevant by Easter of last year. 

While there is no set timetable for life to return to normal, BBC reports that seventy-five percent of Americans will have received the vaccine by Spring 2021, with herd immunity being the term used to describe what the country will be like.

Yes, 2020 was rough, but 2021 will just feel like a continuation of 2020 at least for these first few months. Until then, it is always best for people to remember to keep their heads up, because the country can only go up from here.

*This was an opinion piece done by a member of the staff. This does not reflect the viewpoint of the entire Trojan Matters/Blueprint staff*