Black Student Union hosts successful first round table discussion


Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

Stock photo not from actual event.

Corbin Hubert, Trojan Matters Editor

Last night, the Black Student Union hosted a roundtable discussion open to all students and staff members regarding uncomfortable topics about race.

The discussion lasted around an hour and was hosted by science teacher Mrs. Amanda Horan with student guests, seniors Osinachi Osuji, Dre Moore, Ethan Pratt, and Maia Schuster. 

Students were given the opportunity to express their feelings towards race related issues in and out of the classroom. 

“I feel like it was a much needed discussion,” said Moore. “It was really interesting to get a point of view from different people, on how people feel about everything that’s going on, and how they could get more involved in this movement.”

Change has to start somewhere, and the students think this discussion was the perfect place to start. “We wanted to get people involved and hear people’s voices. We felt like this was a good way to start a movement at Chatard where we praise diversity and have everyone’s opinion on the subject,” said Pratt. Osuji shared the same goal for this first discussion. “We really focused on getting the voice of people heard and Mrs. Horan did a great job moderating the event,” said Osuji. 

The Black Student Union would like to host more of these discussions in the future with gradually increasing community involvement. Along with discussions, there are videos that could be released following discussions. “We also want to make a series of quick videos on topics we didn’t get to discuss,” said Osuji.

The goal of these discussions is to have open and honest dialogue regarding race relations in America. “We really hope for people our age to be more open and to be better educated with the issues of today’s society. We hope to change so that we can make people uncomfortable in order to grow as a group,” said Pratt.

“We just want to really focus on educating the school community on the topic of race,” said Osuji.