Beating the end-of-the-school-year slump


Kacee Haslett

By the time May comes around, senioritis has hit head-on and even the underclassmen are ready for a break from academics. But guidance counselor Mrs. Monica Helfrich said students have to continue to push through until the end of the year. “Working hard is important because getting good grades will open the most doors for you after high school,” she said. “Every point counts toward your GPA, so getting assignments completed and turned in on time is crucial to academic success.”

Sophomore Maddi Felts practices this every day. “At this point, I’ve worked hard the whole year and I want to finish strong,” she said. Felts wants to attend a good college and knows that each quarter matters. She currently is enrolled in two current AP classes and understands she must continue to review constantly for her AP exams and finals. “I have my review books and I’m going to use online resources to prepare for them,” said Felts.

Mrs. Helfrich recommends staying organized. “It’s easy to let your organization slip at the end of the year, so keep using your planner, taking good notes, and filling out study guides.  If you utilize your teachers as resources and work hard during each school day, there will be less stress when studying for finals,” she said.

She also recommends taking a break or going outside for fresh air. “When the weather is nice, find a place outside to do your work,” she said. “The fresh air is invigorating and can increase your concentration and decrease your stress.”

If students are struggling with procrastination, or are simply just ready to be done with their finals, the guidance counselors are here for anything if they need help. Mrs. Helfrich said, “If you need help getting organized, learning better study skills, overcoming test anxiety, or just need a space to relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Please come see us, we’d love to help!”