BCHS Welcomes New Teachers for the 2021-2022 School Year


Gabrielle Johns, Staff Reporter

This past year has been chaotic, there’s no doubt about it, and there have been plenty of changes to go along with it. These changes can be seen in a more wide-scaled aspect such as the worldwide decrease, then increase in COVID cases over the past few months, but some smaller scale changes can be seen just in the Bishop Chatard community. This 2021-2022 year is much different from the last school year. This year, BCHS is full in school, and no longer has to follow the hybrid schedule that was implemented last year. Last year the schedule changed from hybrid, to full online, to full in school, right back to hybrid. It was a whirlwind of unending change that greatly affected many of the students and staff at Chatard. Along with the disintegration of the hybrid schedule, masks are now optional. Although masks are optional, Mr. Hansen, Bishop Chatard’s principal, highly suggests to the students and staff that are not vaccinated that they wear a mask. Along with the changes following COVID, Chatard has welcomed some new teachers to the BCHS community. This year we have welcomed quite a few new teachers to Chatard. A few of these teachers include Mr. Jeffery English, Ms. Libbie Steiner, and Mr. Joseph Knight. 

Firstly is new teacher Mr. English, who teaches Algebra ll, Calculus BC: AP, and calculus honors. After asking Mr. English what brought him to Chatard, he explained that he had previously worked for Mr. Hansen for four years at St. Roch, and how he truly enjoyed his experience working with him. This summer, Mr. English received a call from Mr. Hansen asking if he would like to join the Bishop Chatard family, and he said that he just couldn’t refuse that offer. Regarding his experience at Chatard so far, English said, “I have been at six different archdiocesan schools and I can honestly say there has been no place more welcoming than Bishop Chatard. The faculty, staff, students, and families have gone out of their way to make me feel welcomed.” English goes on to further say that he has had a smooth transition and adjustment to life here at Bishop Chatard. He’s a product of a Catholic education in Indianapolis, and he said, “It is nice to be back in Catholic school teaching.” When asked what his favorite part of Chatard is, he said it’s the students. He goes on to explain that the students at Chatard are extremely welcoming and eager to learn. Asked if he had any expectations when coming to chatard, Mr. English states that he had a good idea of what to expect since he had previously taught at Cathlioc schools, but “Was surprised by the energy of this school.” This year will mark his 23rd year of teaching. Mr. English, his wife, and all four of his children went to Catholic schools from first grade through senior year, so it’s safe to say that Mr. English has experience with Catholic schools, and is glad to be teaching at one, once again. 

Ms. Steiner is the next teacher that reached out to share her experience about joining the Chatard community. Ms. Steiner is the new Executive Director of Mission Integration here at Chatard. She is here because she cares deeply about the faithful lives of Catholic high school students, staff, and families. She believes that we, BCHS students, are the future of the church, and right now is the best time to get to know Jesus, to build lasting relationships, and to serve our communities and each other. She is very excited to be able to serve the Chatard community and grow in faith with each other, the whole Chatard family. When asked what Ms. Steiner’s experience has been like at chatard so far, she said “My first few weeks at chatard have been awesome! I have loved getting to get to know students, parents, and staff members, and everyone has been so incredibly welcoming. I feel so blessed to have found a home in the Chatard family!” Ms. Steiner had brought with her to Chatard four years of experience working in the Cathlioc church, parishes, and college campus ministry, here in Indiana. A couple fun facts about Ms. Steiner, is that she is originally from Portland, Oregon and she had an identical twin sister. Ms. Steiner is extremely excited to be here at Chatard and is ready to take on the role of Executive Director of Mission Integration. 

The next interview administered was with Mr. Knight, who teaches Geography, Essential skills, AP European history, and Debate. Last year Mr. Knight had the opportunity to sub here at Chatard right after he had graduated from Purdue University in December and was looking for something to do. After his time subbing, he was offered a position here at Bishop Chatard. Asked what his favorite part about Chatard was, Mr. Knight said “The energy and the fire that the students put into everything they do is so awesome to see and so energizing as a teacher. It makes the classroom experience for all parties involved super exciting.” As a Chatard alumni, Mr. Knight had some expectations coming back, but so far the Chatard he remembers has lived up to its name. This is Mr. Knight’s first official year of teaching, and he is super excited because he has wanted to be a teacher ever since he was in eighth grade. He concluded by saying he is excited for the rest of this school year, and is looking forward to what it will bring.