BCHS Swimming team perseveres, despite challenges from COVID-19


Maggie Smith, Features and Opinions Editor

Due to the current circumstances, the swim season has had some unexpected curve balls thrown at them amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has made it especially difficult to ensure a safe and possible swim season for BCHS this year.

Up until last month, a season was not even guaranteed for the Trojan swimmers. Since BCHS does not have its own on-campus pool, the swim team has regularly practiced at North Central High School. However, the Washington Township Board came to a consensus that because of the pandemic, outside schools were not permitted to use their pools. Many schools across the area, especially private schools that do not have their own pools, including Brebeuf and Heritage Christian, all previously used the Washington Township public school swimming pools. Ultimately, this decision left private schools searching for somewhere to swim. 

Junior swimmer, Jackie Figura, said “Coach Kristin worked very hard to find out information because our season was still up in the air.” Head swim coach, Mrs. Kristin Pulliam, fought to find a reliable place to swim for the team, asking almost every school in Indianapolis to use their pool, unfortunately all said no because of COVID-19 limitations. Luckily, about a week before practices were set to begin, the Fort Ben YMCA agreed to let the team practice there after hours allowing them to still have a season.           

Even after finding a new location to swim at, there are still many limitations and restrictions that have to be met by the team and coaching staff. Because of the limited space available for practices, the team can only practice up to an hour four times a week, which is very different from their normal practice schedule. CDC guidelines also cause problems because of their requirement of only six people per lane. With the Trojans only being able to use seven lanes, this only allows forty two people at a practice at a time and with the boys and girls team combined, this is not enough space. 

With these tough times, many of the swimmers are just thankful they have meets to swim in. Figura said, “It’s not ideal, but I’m honestly glad we can have a season at all.” The team’s first meet is November 21st at Greenfield Central.