BCHS students react to COVID-19 vaccines being available to them

Maddie Barbar, Blueprint Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have a plausible end in sight, the solution – vaccines. This past Wednesday, Indiana residents 16 and older will be eligible for a COVID vaccine. This mandate is exciting news for the BCHS community, because it allows for over half of the student body to get vaccinated. The state of Indiana has been fervently administering vaccines within the past months. The Indy Star found that as of now, more than one million Hoosiers have been vaccinated. 

BCHS students are anxious to get vaccinated. Sophomore Sofia Papalia said, “I plan on getting vaccinated because for a long time now I feel like I’ve done everything I could to protect my family and others.” Chatard has done its best to maintain social distancing and uphold the mask mandate in order to protect the spread of COVID at school. However, it is apparent that vaccinations are the real solution for a return to normalcy. “I am willing to do whatever I can to maintain the safety of the people around me,” said Papalia. 

In Indiana, the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are being administered. Marion County, where most BCHS students live, has a total of 55 vaccination sites. Indiana as a whole has 535 different vaccination sites. “I am excited to get vaccinated. There are a lot of different vaccination sites that are available to me,” said sophomore Anna Erdosy. 

Many students’ parents have already, or are in the process of getting vaccinated. According to the Indy Star, Marion County has 124,769 fully vaccinated residents. sophomore Morgan Heim said, “I plan on getting vaccinated because my parents are both vaccinated. My mom’s a nurse so it’s important for me to stop the spread.” Students and staff at BCHS have been immensely affected by this pandemic. Many students have family members in the healthcare field. “Both of my parents are healthcare workers, so I feel a responsibility to help their efforts and get vaccinated,” said sophomore Maisie McMahon. 

Most of the freshman class, and some of the sophomore class, are not yet eligible for the COVID vaccine. The different vaccine companies are still experimenting on the effects a vaccine has on the immune system if people 15 and under. Fortunately, the CDC predicts that those 15 and under will be able to receive the vaccine at least by the latter part of 2021.

The efforts of healthcare and essential workers have made it possible for Indiana to administer vaccines at a quicker rate than anticipated. By next semester, all BCHS students and staff will be eligible for vaccination. With an end in sight, the BCHS community is prepared and grateful.