BCHS students have unique aspirations


C. Hubert

Mrs. Pam Nixon helps seniors who may have trouble deciding what they want to do with their future.

C. Hubert, Reporter

When many students graduate from college, they have aspirations to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or really any typical job. However, some people have much more different wishes for their careers, and some of those people are right here at BCHS.

BCHS guidance counselor, Mrs. Pam Nixon, said, “Chatard helps people who have different career choices than other students by supporting their individual choices. We always encourage students regardless of their career or college choice.”

Junior Sidney Howe aspires to be a veterinarian for livestock. “I was always looking for opportunities to be with animals. When I was little I went to horse camps, and when I was old enough I took riding lessons,” said Howe.

Senior Tom LeMark and junior Darren Richardson both want to design video games.

LeMark said, “I love video games and I like art and the best of both of those things is video game art.

Junior Maccoy Lewis wants to be an engineer for Disney World. Lewis has been a fan of Disney for his whole life. “I think it would be dope if I could build rides for all of these shows and movies I grew up idolizing,” said Lewis.

“I’ve been playing games my whole life and I have always been very interested, said Richardson. Like Woods, Richardson has an alternate plan for his future, if game design doesn’t work out. “I think it would be fun to do therapy too because I enjoy listening to other people’s problems and story and try to help when I can,” said Richardson.

While construction isn’t too abnormal, junior Elijah Woods plans on making that his lifestyle. Woods would also like to go into Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) if construction doesn’t work out. “I just like building and going to work with my hands,” said Woods. 

Whether or not these out-of-the-box career aspirations are for everyone, the diversity in regards to future employment for students is vast. “I think it’s so important for students to know that there is more out there for them then what their parents do or what their friends’ parents do. There are so many unique careers forming everyday out of demand,” said Mrs. Nixon.