BCHS senior fights through setbacks to lead basketball team

Grant Millman, Sports Editor

In the sports world, players and teams often experience setbacks that prevent them from competing at the highest level. The most common setback is injuries. Almost every sports team has an athlete get injured during the course of a season. In fact, it is almost impossible to attend a sporting event or watch one on tv without someone from the teams competing being out due to injury or other setback.

Specifically in 2020, the coronavirus has created a new form of setbacks in sports. Teams can be without many of their players due to the virus. Not only do various setbacks affect a team’s performance, but they also affect individual players mentally and physically.

Senior Brennan Beausir is no stranger to setbacks in athletics. Beausir, a member of the Trojan basketball team, started the first four varsity games his sophomore year, before tearing his ACL in the fourth game, sidelining him for the remainder of the season. After a long offseason of rehab and strengthening, he was determined to come back stronger than ever. Thinking a full recovery had been made, Beausir was busy preparing for his junior season, excited to compete after being unable to the previous year. It was October, with the season just over a month away, when he re-tore the same ACL, losing all hope of playing at all his junior season. “It was extremely difficult to sit on the sidelines for so long,” said Beausir, “I struggled to accept what had happened to me.”

Knowing that he was unable to play, Brennan knew he had to keep a positive mindset. “I learned from my first injury that feeling sorry for myself would not get me anywhere,” he explains. Although not playing, Beausir still found a way to be involved with the Trojan basketball team. Assisting as a player coach in practices and games was a way for him to be a part of the team although not competing. He was glad to be a member of the team in whatever way possible, believing that the team’s support of him during this time was vital to his recovery. “My teammates and coaches always checked in on me and how I was mentally and also in my rehab process,” describes Beausir. “Our whole team is a family and their support kept me going.”

Overcoming any injury is difficult, and are often career ending. Numerous athletes at the collegiate and professional levels have had their careers cut short due to injuries, most notably among Indiana sports fans being former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who surprisingly retired from the NFL because of injury issues.

Fully recovered from two torn ACLs, Brennan was ready to finally be on the court competing in his last high school season. However, history repeats itself, and Beausir once again finds himself watching his teammates play from the bench. Luckily for Beausir, he did not tear his ACL for a third time, rather torn cartilage in his thigh. This injury will sideline him for the start of the season, but Beausir hopes to return to action in mid-January.

Although preventing him from playing the game he loves, Brennan has taken away some positive experiences from his setbacks. “I learned a lot about myself and to appreciate not only the sport I love but the little things in life because nothing lasts forever,” says Beausir.