BCHS alum uses passion to create a new project for college football

Grant Millman, Sports Editor

Becoming involved with sports is not limited to only athletes participating in events for their school. There are many other ways to be involved with athletics besides being an athlete.

BCHS alum Patrick Felts, a freshman journalism major at Indiana University, came up with a way to be involved with sports himself, although not an athlete. Felts, a sports writer for the Indiana Daily Student newspaper, will combine his knowledge of college football with other student journalists from across the nation, creating their own poll.

“Every week, the voters will select their top 25, and I will compile data, similarly to how the AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll work,” said Felts.

In college football, there are many sources that have their own rankings polls to determine the best teams in the country. The most well known, the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll, use data from multiple sources to create a single poll, with the end result being an accurate display of football rankings.

“I thought it would be a good idea to start something unique and meet other reporters across the country,” explains Felts. “I’ve already reached out to people at 14 schools nationwide and am talking to new people every day.” 

Felts, a recent BCHS graduate from the Class of 2020, will create this same idea, putting together a poll from the perspectives of college students. It will be called the College Football Student Media Poll, and is expected to debut for the 2021 college football season.

Currently covering the IU Women’s Soccer Team, Felts has always had a special love for football, specifically at the collegiate level. “I love the sport. I can’t get enough of it,” describes Felts. “I’ve been following college football all my life and have done a podcast about it since I was a senior at Chatard, so getting an opportunity like this is a dream come true.”

Felts plans on having a website, blog, or Twitter page to display his poll. After having a successful career covering sports during his four years at BCHS, Felts is already making a significant impact doing the same for IU.

“I want to cover this sport for a long time, and starting something like this is just one of the first steps for me. I’m excited to get to work,” said Felts.