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Athletes transition from winter to spring sports

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Athletes transition from winter to spring sports


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As winter comes to a close, spring sports are just beginning their preparations for the upcoming season. Numerous BCHS athletes not only participate in winter sports, but also play in the spring. This transition between sports may seem difficult at times, but many students go through it every year.

Junior Tyler Thompson has been swimming for three years at BCHS, and after the season comes to an end, he participates in a spring sport. This year, he is running track.

A significant difference between the sports, he says, are the way each of the practices are run. For swimming, there was a structured schedule. For track, however, there are many different events that the runner may choose to participate in. He said, “The practices are more up to what the player wants to do.”

Freshman Sarah Meek defends a player on Cardinal Ritter. BCHS narrowly won this close game by one point.

After the first few practices, he believes that track is easier for him, mostly because swimming works more of his whole body, and because he is more accustomed to the sport. He continues to swim occasionally to prepare for the looming track season ahead.

Sarah Meek, freshman, is also a winter and spring sport athlete. She played basketball and is currently practicing for the lacrosse. To prepare, Meek started to run more, training for both the season and a mini marathon coming up.

This transition is not as difficult as the transition from volleyball to basketball was, she claimed, because she was not ready for the continuous running in basketball games. However, she does admit that this is also difficult. She said, “The transition is hard because I’m switching my routine completely.” Very different muscles are used for each sport, she says, so time has to be taken to prepare.

Although the transition may pose as a challenge for many, the hard work put into the preseason is sure to be worth it in the end.