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Art club fundraises with quick Christmas gifts

Kacee Haslett

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On Tuesdays and Fridays during homeroom, 15 BCHS students meet to participate in the art club. Lately, they have been working to craft ceramic fortune cookies. While sophomore Nora Barth has enjoyed creating these creations, there’s more to the project than just entertainment.

Each fortune cookie will be sold  for $3 here for Christmas gifts. The art club is trying to raise money for The Memory Project, another project they want to complete. “In The Memory Project, we get photos of Syrian refugee children who have nothing and we recreate them with different mediums,” said fine arts teacher Mrs. Emily Goff, art club sponsor. She supervises meetings and oversees projects like these. “We will send them back and each one costs $15. It’s a fundraiser for them, but it’s also meaningful, so each refugee has something of their own,” she said.  

The art club plans to create 12 portraits for the Memory Project, meaning they will need to raise roughly $180 to do so. If they raise more, they will donate it along with the portraits.

“I think [the fortune cookies] are going to sell really well because they are turning out very cute,” said Barth. The sale will run through Finals Week or until the cookies are sold out. They will be sold in the art room and at lunch.

The art club has been hard at work on creating fortune cookies for their fundraiser. “I think we have made about 75 so far,” said fine arts teacher Mrs. Emily Goff. photo by: Alyssa Behringer

If students are looking to participate, they are always welcome to join art club anytime, according to Mrs. Goff.