Annual morp dance turns things around


Mary Barnes

Next Saturday, Feb. 13, the sophomore/freshman mock prom, Morp, is being held. This is the third year BCHS has thrown a backwards prom for the underclassmen, to help make them feel a part of the fun, and to help them feel more included. Mr. Matthew Hilton, moderator of student council, gave an insight as to why they started holding morp. He said,” As underclassmen we thought it was important to give them something special like prom is to the seniors.”

Students also enjoy the night because they are able to have a dance all to themselves, sophomore Abby Teed said, “It’s cool to have a dance with just freshman/sophomores because you don’t feel as uncomfortable around upperclassmen like you do at other dances.” Morp is unique in its own way because it is a girl ask guy dance. Tyler Thompson, sophomore, enjoys the swap of girl ask guy and said,” It’s so cool to have girls ask guys because it switches things up and makes it just so exciting.”

This event is completely run by the underclassmen. This year the Freshman, on STUCO, have planned most of this event. That includes picking the music and any fun activities they want to include. This year the Freshman have included some new ideas to make the dance fun, but would like to keep it as a surprise. Freshman, Abby Klineman said,” I’m so excited for Morp this year because I can hang out with my friends, it should be really cool this year.”

Mr. Hilton added that some new changes are being made this year, he said,” There will be food provided and this year there will be DJs, Anna Giudice and Henry Semler(Seniors), with a playlist made by the students and requests from students.”

Both sophomore and freshman are excited and agree this is a fun way to hang out with friends and have a good time, Matthias Benko, freshman said, “This will be a great opportunity to get together will all my friends and just have an amazing Saturday night.”