“Almost, Maine” lives up to and exceeds expectations


Kyle Haslett

Maddie Barbar, Blueprint Editor

The abrupt end to the spring musical production, “Guys and Dolls” had BCHS’s theatre feeling disappointed. However, against all odds, Chatard’s theatre program is putting on a fall play. Theatre director Ms. Holly Stults, with the help of technical director Mr. Troy Cockrum decided on the modern play, “Almost, Maine ” for this fall performance. “Almost, Maine” is a play by John Cariani composed of nine short plays that explore love, loss, and friendship in a mystical remote town known as “Almost, Maine.” The nine short plays have allowed for many BCHS students to take part in the production. While on stage, students did not have to wear a mask because of COVID guidelines precocious laid out by BCHS President Mr. Bill Sahm. However, the actors had their masks the entire time backstage, and the crew always kept their masks as well. As for the safety of the audience, families/groups were separated six feet a part from one another and had to previously reserve tickets. Tickets could also be purchased for online streaming of the performance. 

The set of Almost, Maine is a mystical and snowy scene.The BCHS set and lighting crew added to the mysterious and romantic themes. Blue and green lights flickered across the stage to depict the Northern Lights. It fit the isolated and other-worldly location of the small town. The set, lighting, and sounds takes the viewer to a different place and time. 

Junior Julia Horlander said that her favorite part of the production is the cast numbers, “All of the stories together gives us each a chance to be a main character.” Freshman Megan Kramer also felt that, “The production is really fun and we all have an equal amount of lines and significance.” Due to the dynamic of this production, only a limited number of cast members are on stage for each scene, making it easier for rehearsals to handle COVID restrictions. 

While limited rehearsal time can be an obstacle, Freshman Marguerite Bourgeois said, “It is a collective effort, and as a cast we have been able to pull all of this together.” The production of “Almost, Maine” is showing November 19th through the 21st with performances at 7pm. The final performance is tomorrow, Saturday the 21st at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased to see the show in-person, and the live stream is also available for $5. 

I was fortunate enough to see the play at the Friday night showing. In the play program, Director Ms. Stults described the setting and themes of “Almost, Maine” as, “surrounded by the glow of the northern lights, hearts get broken and heal; knees get bruised and mended; relationships end; and new love is discovered.” The play displays the theme of how different stories can somehow all connect. For these characters, that connection is through the town of Almost, Maine. Some of the characters are new to town, some have been there forever, they all find themselves pulled back to Almost and the captivating view of the Northern Lights. 

The nine short stories were filled with vivid characters with interesting back stories. Each story depicted a theme of love and loss all connected to this eerie and quaint town. The BCHS cast each had very lively and genuine performances. Their characters each battled with struggles of their love lives and bittersweet past relationships. I won’t spoil the story, because the last show is tomorrow, and I highly recommend going to see it. However, the beautiful ending scene is of all of the characters coming together on stage to view the breathtaking mirage of the Northern Lights.