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Advice about choosing electives


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With the start of 2nd semester, a majority of students are beginning to think about next year’s classes. Of course, there are the standard core classes like science, math, history, and English, as well as theology and a world language. The decision is which electives to take to fill those remaining periods.

Electives are the choice or “fun” classes. These can vary from artistic to intuitive, like ceramics or principles of engineering. Junior Sam Klineman took ceramics his sophomore year. He said, “I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I realized that it was a lot of fun and I wasn’t that bad at it.” Klineman also took AP Statistics as an elective, he shared that his brother took it in high school and constantly uses what he learned in that class for his job.

The decision is which electives to take to fill those remaining periods.


Senior Luke Mark explained that accounting is one of the most beneficial courses BCHS offers. Mark said, “It teaches you how businesses actually keep track of their money.” Another favored elective is principles of engineering because it is unlike any other class. The course allows students the chance to use both mathematical and scientific concepts and apply the, to creating working machines.

“If you are planning to attend IU or Purdue, I would recommend taking dual-credit classes,” said Jacob deCastro, senior.

If interested in more of the musical aspect of classes, beginning piano is the perfect fit. It allows you the opportunity practice your skills with the comfort of your ears only.

Sarah Mastrian, junior, said that if she could give any advice to the underclassmen would be to get your history credits done earlier rather than later therefore you schedule will allow more opportunities to try out all these electives.