Academic extracurricular provide new experiences


Sophomore Clay Williams is part of the Investment Club. On Dec. 13, they gathered to celebrate awards after a round of the Investment Game. Photo by Jaeden Crawford.

Patrick Felts, Reporter

When most people think of typical extracurricular activities, they usually think of sports, music, art or theatre. Often overlooked academic extracurriculars, such as Investment Club, Model UN, or Mock Trial team, serve an important role in the development of many students.

Sophomore Clay Williams has been successful in the Investment Club. Williams finished the Stock Market Game with his investments making over $120,000, making him the top mock investor in the region and third overall in the state. Williams said that he “discovered a new strategy” during the competition that he could not have in a regular class.

Junior Grayson Cates has participated in Model UN twice, as a delegate from Peru on the World Health Organization committee his freshman year, and on Disarmament for Pakistan his sophomore year. Cates said that through Model UN, he has learned about “diplomacy, writing laws, and complex international issues,” and that the conference made him understand “why it takes Congress so long to get things done.”  He also admires the uniqueness of the event, since the committees are predominantly run by the student delegates.

A new activity here, Mock Trial, provides a look into the world of law and jurors. Junior Jillian Hurley is a member of the inaugural team. She said that her interest in the event stems from intrigue of “experiencing a courtroom scenario” to see if she would want to pursue a career in law. Hurley said, “You can’t do that in a regular class, and getting a real experience with it is helpful for the future.”

One of the most redeeming factors of academic extracurriculars is the experiences that they provide. “I love Model UN because I get to be a part of the United Nations instead of just simply learning about it in a textbook,” said Cates.