A student who does it all


Claire Cady, Staff Reporter

Seventeen year old Tommy Keating is no ordinary junior at Bishop Chatard. When school lets out, Tommy participates in many activities such as the football team, playing instruments and helping out at Conner Prairie. When in school, he enjoys learning about history and playing the guitar and piano. On top of that, Tommy is the nicest kid you’ll ever meet, and he is a great role model to all.

Tommy has always lived in Indiana. He went to St. Pius grade school and Allisonville Elementary. He has 3 siblings: Molly, Ryan, and Brady. He has always enjoyed playing football and has also played basketball and baseball in grade school. He also enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

If there’s one thing Tommy could do in his lifetime, it would be to be president of the United States. Tommy has a deep love for history. He especially loves Abe Lincoln. When not participating in all of his other activities, he uses his free time to watch history videos. “I love to watch anything about Abe Lincoln or the presidency,” shared Tommy. He also loves the constitution. When he gets older, Tommy wants to move to Springfield, Illinois because that’s where Abe Lincoln is from. He also likes to wear a top hat like Abe Lincoln did.

Tommy plays football at Bishop Chatard. His position is defense, and he got the opportunity to play in some JV games this year. When not playing football, he takes time to volunteer at Conner Prairie. His first desire to volunteer was last year, however his parents didn’t allow him to. “I wanted to work there last year because I love the houses and all that stuff,” Tommy said. Although, last Christmas he worked at the Indiana State Museum. He dressed up as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. “Kids would walk up to me and take pictures because I couldn’t talk,” Keating said. Since he cannot drive, he gets help from his parents and his grandmother.

This year, he dressed up as the headless horsemen. He wanted to ride the horse, but unfortunately there was an age requirement for that. Instead, kids just came up and took pictures in his booth. This Christmas, he will continue to work at the state museum in addition to volunteering at Conner Prairie. He wishes to dress up like people back in the olden days with top hats and their sort of clothes.

Balancing all that plus playing on the football team and school is a full time job, but Tommy claims it’s easy. Director of Academic Support Mrs. Brogan, who works with Tommy on his schoolwork, said, “I think it’s pretty amazing that as a junior Tommy has completed so much volunteer work alongside doing your school work and playing on the football team.” He truly proves that nothing is a task if you enjoy doing it.