Finished bleachers add new life to athletic events


Maggie Smith, Features and Opinions Editor

As the 2020 school year has approached, new and impressive changes have been made around BCHS. Since the inaugural first home game in Chatard’s history, in August of 2018, the school has not had permanent bleachers until now. Over the summer, construction crews worked to install the new home stands that can fit around 1,900 people. This new addition cost the school around $750,000 to finish, which was donated by various boosters at BCHS. For the past two fall football seasons, the school has had to rent out bleachers in order to have the capacity to host games. However, this was not a permanent solution and caused many problems including blocking off a portion of the track. Now with the new bleachers, the track and parking lot both remain intact with both the full track and parking remaining the same size. Junior Catherine Spencer said, “I am very excited to have more space to cheer on our Trojans. Also, I am very happy that we now have bleachers we can call our own.” These bright blue brand new bleachers will certainly add to the atmosphere every Friday night.

Sitting atop the new bleachers, is Chatard’s biggest press box yet. Previously Center Grove’s, this new press box has been revitalized to serve as the Trojan’s for years to come. Compared to the previous pressbox, the new one is almost quadruple the size containing four rooms. This will allow more room for announcers and video cameras.

President Bill Sahm said, “It will create an even more exciting atmosphere every Friday adding onto the community spirit. There is also more room for north deanery students and families allowing for great promotions. Because of these finishes, we can move onto even bigger things.”

The school does not plan on stopping here with more additions to come over the next few years. Coming shortly, Chatard plans on building new locker rooms by the football fields. These should hopefully be done in the next few years, but because of COVID-19 it is all up in the air. More projects happening in the coming years include a wrestling room, the SBC being added to the main building, and an auditorium. These promising additions will help improve Bishop Chatard and expand the school greatly.