Rain or shine, bring the hype

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Rain or shine, bring the hype

Janie Gleaves

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With an 80 percent chance of rain at kickoff for tonight’s rivalry game against Cathedral High School, Trojan Matters wants to lend a helping hand with some tips for taking on the rain in the TroZone.

  1. Wear a raincoat/poncho.
  2. This is the first line of defense. An umbrella in the student section would block people’s view and get in the way.  Instead, opt for a nice, waterproof rain jacket.
  3. Put phone/wallet in a Ziploc bag. Protect your valuables from the downpour with a Ziploc bag. A clear sandwich bag will allow you send score updates and post pictures without getting your phone drenched.
  4. Wear waterproof shoes. Jumping up and down and cheering is no fun in wet socks. Pull out your rain boots so you can stay comfortable and still cheer loud and proud.
  5. Embrace the inevitability that you will get rained on. Despite all the preparation, you will likely get rained on. Just go with it. Positivity is what fuels the TroZone so start mentally preparing for the rain now.
  6. Keep an eye on the weather. Know what to expect so you aren’t stuck without the gear you need. Tonight may not be the game to paint your whole face.
  7. Bring the hype rain or shine!

We will be cheering and singing and chanting and clapping and dancing no matter what the weather does. Get excited for one of the biggest games of the season. A little bit of Indiana weather can’t rain on our parade.